#WeddingWednesday: Trends For the New Year

There have been a bunch of fun wedding trends that took off in 2014. As this year quickly comes to a close, we look back at some of our favorite trends, and look ahead to what we hope to see in the coming year.

Favorite Trends of 2014 That We Hope Stick Around In 2015

  • Lush, many petaled flowers: When it comes to flowers, the more petals the better. Garden Roses and Peonies were the flowers of the year, this year, seeing as how they are both incredibly fragrant, dramatic,and romantic. Here’s to hoping that brides continue to be as obsessed with these gorgeous flowers, as we are.
  • Family-style dining: This is a fun way to get your guests to interact with one another, and yet still be relaxed. Beautifully plated items being passed around is also a guaranteed conversation starter.
  • Fancy cake flavors driven by the season: Gone are the days of a wedding cake being a tiered white cake with frosting. Personalizing your cake flavor based upon the season is where it’s at (fingers crossed the same goes for next year, too)! Some of our favorite finds in the summer were light, fresh flavors like lemon cakes with lemon zest frosting, or chai tea latte. For winter, rich flavors like caramel apple cider, and chocolate with pralines won our hearts.Seasonal Wedding Cakes

Trends We Hope To See In 2015

  • Tiny tastes: When you see those appetizers go by, you want to sample them all, plus hit up the buffet line, and the open bar, but the struggle of only having two hands comes into play. So, why not make everything at the cocktail hour sample sized? The appetizers, and the drinks! Instead of glasses of beer, use flights, and offer samples of wines. It allows guests to try everything! 

  • Throwback bands: Think along the lines of what you would see in a John Hughes’, or any other quintessential 80’s movie. A good band playing at an event can guarantee dancing, and help to really personalize your special songs.
  • #Selfies: Let’s face it, we’re obsessed with our Instagram’s, and documenting everything with a pithy caption, a few hashtags, and some emojis. We might as well embrace it! Get everyone at the wedding involved, and have them help create a fun album of pictures from the special day.

Be a trend setter, and let us know some of the things that are helping to make your special day even more unique! Leave us a comment, or Tweet us at @HyattMcCormick.

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